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Carpet Moths

Tinea Pellionella


This species can be found throughout the world – the adult is typically encountered during summer and early autumn but infestations that live in human dwellings may be seen at other times of the year. There is the Case Bearing Clothes Moth (Tinea Pellionella) and the Common Clothes Moth (Tineola Bisselliella).



Tinea Pellionella is silvery grey to shiny light brown in colour, with dark grey hairs on the top of its head. The adult of this species has a wingspan of 9 to 16 mm and its forewings are brown with one large spot and a few smaller black spots. The hindwings are plain pale brown-grey. The forewings, but especially the hindwings are surrounded by a hairy fringe.


The female carpet moth produces 30-300 eggs per sitting and the resultant larvae can severely damage your carpets. Up to 6 broods per annum is possible causing significant damage. The larvae spin silken, cooked rice like cases in which to hide, incorporating carpet fibres so the case can be a similar colour to the attacked carpet. It stays snug inside this case that it has it constructed. The Case Bearing Clothes moth normally only has one generation per annum - it is the Common Clothes Moth that can have a number of generations.


The Case Bearing Clothes Moth (Tinea Pellionella) or Carpet Moth is an insect that mainly attacks carpets, particularly in secluded spots such as under furniture and in undisturbed areas. If carpeting is removed, this moth may attack clothes or soft furnishings. The larva also feeds on upholstery, woollen fabrics, detritus, cobwebs, bird nests (particularly of the domestic pigeon), stored vegetable produce and wallpaper.

Moth Treatments

1/ Our Service is to attend your premises, inspect the relevant area and treat the active habitat with insecticide with the intention of controlling the problem.

2/ Non-toxic options are to install fly control units, if practicable to do so this can help eradicate the infestation on a 24 7 basis. These units can be purchased, installed and serviced by our fully qualified technicians at additional costs

Carpet Moths

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